On behalf of the RaH committee I would like to thank you very much for your on-going support of our group. It is very much appreciated!

The donated large pudding was delicious as always. And as it was put out for the mingling & finger-food after the service on our event on the eve of Anzac Day, it disappeared very quickly! People very obviously enjoyed it very much.

Thank you again very much for your generosity!

I attach a few photos from the event.

With best wishes and warm regards
for the RaH committee


We would like to share with  you  this message from the Millers. Thank you!

Ode to Father Macs Gluten Free Pudding

Thank you Father Mac
For your puddings so sublime
Every morsel a delight
Every crumb divine

So full of goodness
Choc full to brim with fruit
And warmed to body temp
Then topped with brandy sauce

It lasted way past New Year
It filled us with delight
Even on our diet
We enjoyed every bite

So Thank you Father Mac
For all you gave us here
A delight upon our table
A pleasure for next year

Thought  I’d pass this on to you penned 3/1/15 Denise M

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