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The Alstonville Parish commenced in 1981 with limited funds, and buildings in need of extensive repairs. A parish garage was being used as a Classroom.

Father Darcy McCarthy

Father Darcy McCarthy

Father Darcy McCarthy, first Parish Priest and inspiration behind our story, began making our Traditional Puddings for the Church Cake Stall as a hobby. Demand for the delicious morsel began to grow. The Parish now assists other charities while supplementing its own needs.

We have added a Gluten Free Pudding to the range, using the Traditional Recipe with Gluten Free flour. This Pudding has been a huge success with many compliments coming from our clients!

The precise Secret Recipe of the Puddings must remain just that … Secret! However we can say that much care is taken to prepare our delicious products!

Our ingredients are dried fruits, flour, raw sugar, butter, eggs, rum, spices, bicarb soda and water added. No added salt, artificial flavourings or preservatives!

All cooking staff are specially trained in Safe Food Handling methods, together with work place Health and Safety Procedures.

Our Traditional Pudding comes in two sizes 800g and 1.6kg. There is also an 800g Gluten Free Pudding.

We offer convenient Packages or are happy to pack your personal preference. For prices and shipping details see our order form or visit our online shop.

Only top quality ingredients are used, delivered where possible,from local suppliers each week. This includes raw sugar, butter, eggs and of course “real” rum from the Beenleigh distillery.

The Pudding Factory is about more than assisting the Parish financially — the Puddings bring together a unique group of people (mostly retired parishioners) from many different backgrounds, they contribute a vast wealth of time involvement and knowledge. Without them, the Puddings would go no further than the ovens! They will always be the “special ingredients!”

Volunteers are willing to greet visitors to the Parish, wrap and pack Puddings, fold brochures, make deliveries or assist in any way possible!

Much fun and laughter fills the room during their time with us, always the shared cuppa (with a generous portion of Father Mac’s Heavenly Pudding) at the end of the chores is a special time!

Your purchase of our Puddings will assist us to continue with this enterprise.

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